Hotel Security Cambridge

Our experience has shown us that a welcoming and friendly hotel service is the absolute key factor to leaving a good impression on your guests.

Do you wish to provide a safe and secure environment for your guests and personnel?​

We ensure that with our presence, both staff and guests at your hotel will experience tranquility and safety.


At MIB, we understand that the hospitality sector greatly relies on customer experience and reputation. In fact, we realise that one bad experience can ruin a lifetime of loyalty. For this reason, MIB only deploys customer service-oriented officers with excellent communication skills to create the feeling of a safe and comfortable environment for your guests to enjoy.

Impress Your Guests

Our experience has shown us that a welcoming and friendly hotel service is the absolute key factor to leaving a good impression on your guests.

While working with us, you can rely on our elegant and well-mannered officers to deal confidently with all types of hotel guests, be it business, leisure, families or individual travellers. Our guards will take time to carefully study fire escape routes and floor plans in order to effectively manage employee and guest evacuation in case of an emergency.

Professional Officers

Every officer will be able to professionally and discreetly deal with a potential situation of conflict, vandalism, theft or trespassing in a concise but calming manner.

Our Hotel Security Cambridge Services Include:

Internal & External Site Patrols

To increase visibility, create presence and maintain the security of the premises, its occupants and its access points.

Activity Reports

To record a first-hand account of the activities performed by officer on duty.

Authorised Room Checks

To access, or accompany hotel staff with accessing rooms in case of e.g. emergency, disturbance or criminal behaviour.

Access Control

To regulate who or what can view, use or access a building, area or other resources.

Friendly & Professional Concierge Service

To meet and assist hotel guests in a friendly, proactive and efficient manner.

Monitoring of CCTV Cameras and Alarm Systems

To discreetly identify suspicious behaviour, criminal activity, safety hazards and security risks.

Visitor & VIP Escorting

To ensure safe passage of individuals or groups through certain areas.

Evacuation & Emergency Planning

To ensure the safest and most efficient evacuation time of all employees and guests.

Risk Assessment & Security Consulting

To identify hazards and risk factors that have the potential to cause harm & suggest security solutions to mitigate those risks.

Do you have any questions?

Our MIB Security team is always happy to advise you on tailor-made Hotel Security Cambridge Services for a safer business environment.
Do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your security needs.

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