Our Promise

At MIB, we understand the importance of trust. This is why creating transparent relationships with open communication between our clients and us is the key to our success.

Open Communication

Our promise is to work closely with you to provide security solutions you require to fully focus on your job.

We strive to maintain frequent, consistent communication between our clients, the security officers and the management team at all times.


Whether you are a small company, or a large corporation with multiple sites, you will always have an overview of how effectively your security needs are being met.

We ensure that each account is managed securely and proactively through our policy of integrity, dependability and open communication.

Our Promise is to:

Openly Communicate

Uphold Your Reputation

Be Honest and Transparent

Be Responsive and Dependable

Adhere to Regulatory Standard and Codes of Practice

Always Strive to Provide the Highest Quality of Security Service

Do you have any questions?

Our MIB Security team is always happy to advise you on tailor-made security services for a safer business environment.
Do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your security needs.

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